Energy Healing

I primarily use the modality called Biofield Tuning. Using sound healing with the tuning forks, we start to dismantle the thoughts and beliefs that hold us victim.  We can reorganize those energy patterns into the fuel that empowers us to be our most vibrant expression of ourselves. By allowing the body to attune to the frequency of the forks, the body can release what is no longer needed allowing it to come back into a coherent state. A session may also include other energy healing modalities (i.e. Shamanic techniques) as needed. Sessions are done via distance healing by connecting through a zoom call or over the phone.

How does a distance session work?

I have been providing distance energy healing sessions since 2013.  The benefits of distance energy healing work the same or even better than an in-person session.  The advantage to a distance session is that you are in the comfort of your own healing space:  no need to commute across town, no need to worry if you have to cry, scream, or get up and walk around during a session, and you can allow the integration to last as long as needed after our time is complete.

To work with you via a distance session, I bring your energy field to my healing space, always with your permission.  I work your energy body/hologram, and then I send it back to you when the session is complete.  Think of it as working on a Google document that is stored in the cloud.

How to prepare for a session:

  • Be sure you are well hydrated.
  • No drugs or alcohol for 24 hours prior to your session.
  • Set your intentions for the work you would like us to do together.

What to do after a session:

  • Continue to drink plenty of water.
  • Take a 20-minute Epsom salt bath. If you cannot get into a tub, try a salt scrub in the shower.
  • Grounding: Take 20 minutes to walk barefoot outside. If you live in a cold environment, take a walk in nature or hug a tree. Connecting to nature helps further ground into your body the energy you just received.
  • Listen to your body: rest if you feel you need it, eat lots of protein and whatever else your body is asking for.
  • Emotions may arise: acknowledge the emotion, feel it, and allow it to pass. There’s no need to try to relive the story attached to the emotion. The emotion is coming up to finally clear and be liberated from your body.

Financial Consulting

Feeling overwhelmed with money issues? Are you trying to save for a big goal and not finding a way to manage? Sometimes what’s holding you back is not dollars and cents, but rather the emotions and limiting beliefs around money.

I love personal finance! I love helping people experience the freedom of living within their means so they can have the life they want to lead. Let’s talk about numbers, but let’s also talk about the emotions behind them so you can get on the right path.

Business Consulting

Are you working your Side Hustle with the thought of going bigger? Maybe right now you have a great idea that you want to talk to someone about to help you get started? Maybe you are giving your first big speech and need someone to help you find your message?

Let me help. My corporate background, my years teaching Business Communications at the university level, and my love for helping others achieve their dreams gives me a depth of experience and knowledge you can’t find elsewhere.