I know, that title will raise a few eyebrows but let me explain…

Energy healing is a great way to jumpstart your journey of personal awareness and personal healing.  As a practitioner of energy healing, I have seen the healing it provides to those who experience it.  But there are some people who cling to it as the last bastion of hope, and there’s more work people need to do on their own to fully reap the benefits.  Let me tell you a bit about my path.

I came to find energy healing when my youngest son was four.  He was experiencing chronic croup and ear infections.  At eighteen months old, he was diagnosed with asthma.  I laughed at the doctor who prescribed him a chewable tablet to start his road to healing.  That started me on my road of alternative medicine and healing modalities.

I found Reiki, essential oils, and a functional medicine doctor to jumpstart my healing path.  It was the start of realizing there was more out there.  Think of it like the moment when The Wizard of Oz changes from a black and white movie to Technicolor.  When I found energy healing and meditation, my world changed into a color movie.

There’s so much that I can say about energy healing, and I won’t bore you with all the stuff you can find on the Internet.  I practice it.  I am good at it.  As my wise teacher says, “I do this because I can.”  And yes, I also do energy healing because I can.  When you believe it and you believe you can be healed with it, it is that simple.  People heal with Energy Healing, but it isn’t the end-all-be-all.

With that said, what is your responsibility when you are receiving Energy Healing?  Here are the things that I think are most important:

Be open and know the work is happening:

People who want something specific healed will usually leave disappointed.  Our energy bodies are just as complex as our human bodies, and perhaps the most important thing that needs healing is different that what you think.  The work is happening where it needs to, and you can’t control that.  Be on allow and know that what is happening is for your best outcome.

You need to contribute to the process, too:

You don’t go to a trainer hoping to lose 30 pounds, and then sit back and eat Twinkies and watch TV after your training sessions.  You can’t do that with energy healing either.  Lasting changes in your physical and energy bodies require work.  You may change your diet and exercise so you can change your physical body.  That helps your energetic body too.  What else helps?  Change toxic thought patterns, and be aware of your triggers that lead to toxic behavior.  Processing your emotions on a regular basis helps to clear energetic residue that may lead to issues in your body later.

Be forthcoming with your energy practitioner:

It is human nature to want to look your best to others.  With your athletic trainer, you may feign ignorance when the scale goes up a couple pounds knowing that you weren’t working out regularly.  With your energy healer, you may withhold information about alcohol or drug use because you think it is not important.  You may be embarrassed by your anger issues and choose not to talk about it.  All of that information is crucial to your practitioner because it helps us help you.

Know this is an on-going process:

People assume that an energy healing session will fix everything.  Maybe it will for you.  For the rest of us, healing is an on-going process.  As you work through issues, more things may come up to clear because now you are ready to address them.  That’s great!  Assemble a team that can help you with every aspect of your healing journey, especially if you’re experiencing illness or other physical issues.  You don’t have to do this alone.