After a couple of months of shoulder issues, my chiropractor blessed me and told me to find a massage therapist to work with me, as this was now deemed, “a muscular issue.”

He referred me to someone, and I made an appointment for the next day.  Little did I know I was working with an energy healer.  When I spoke of the mechanics of the issue, I mentioned this “may be” energetic.

In the middle of the session, my therapist said, “What are you heartbroken over?”  I immediately flashed back to childhood, my failed first marriage, that old college boyfriend…I had lots of heartbreak that was trapped in my tissues.

What the more important question was:  What haven’t you done, Jen, that you are heartbroken about?  Ha.  That’s a deeper, more profound question.  There are many paths that I didn’t take.

Fear.  So much fear.

The fear of failing, the fear of having no money, the fear of having my heart broken was overwhelming at various times in my life.  The real heartbreak in life is not feeling love.  I’ve been feeling fear my whole life.  You have can’t have both:  you can either feel fear or love.

What I realized is that my heart was broken because I spent more time feeling fear instead of love.  That was the heartbreak I was feeling in my body, and that was the shoulder issue.

When we listen to our bodies, we can find out what is really happening to us right now.  Instead of pushing through the pain and giving into the “no pain, no gain” mentality of our culture, check in with your body to see what is causing the pain.  Louise Hay’s famous book, “You Can Heal Your Body,” is a great place to start, but also be curious about what your body is telling you.  Everything starts with our emotions, so check in and see what may be bothering you.  You may find the pain that is really bothering you is an emotion you can change.