I need help.

It’s what I said to myself last month. Actually it’s been what I’ve been saying to myself for a very long time, but I wasn’t ready to accept it.

I thought feeling bad was just me “processing.” I thought I didn’t get all the people telling me I needed to “reclaim my power,” or just “put my big girl panties on.” I couldn’t buck up and get over it. I didn’t know how to move forward.

I had been trying to pin all of this on energy healing, thinking that if I could journal and meditate it all out, I would be healed. I’ve been blaming everything and everyone else: blaming my weight (if I could just lose those same 20 pounds again), my relationship with my husband (he’s smothering me with love), it is all a continuous loop in my head. It makes me want to drop a few f-bombs right now.

Have you been there too? We all need help sometimes. Sometimes we recognize it and get help. Other times, people see it for us. It doesn’t matter how the recognition happens, the fact that it is now out there for us to see is the most important thing. What helps?

I love getting out into nature when I need to deal with something. It may not even be a big issue; I’ve been known to park in the woods just to write in my journal. Being with Mother Earth has a humbling effect on me, knowing there’s so much more to life than what I’m processing right then. A walk along the beach, a bench overlooking the ocean, time hugging a tree; it all helps to make things a bit more bearable.

Self-care is putting on your oxygen mask before you help others. When we need help, it is usually because we’ve been neglecting ourselves for a very long time. Self-care can be taking a nap, getting a nourishing meal at a restaurant, or even just taking 20 minutes to do some yoga poses. Find what you crave and do it.

A good, old-fashioned bitch session:
Do you have someone you can call that will listen to your rant for five minutes or an hour? Girlfriends are the best cure for things that may be bothering us now. I always feel better after talking to my girlfriends. Know that some things can be hashed out in 30 minutes or less, but what if it is bigger than that?

Know when to get help:
If your bitch sessions have turned into calling all your friends about the same thing, you may need to amp up the help. Find a counselor or other professional you can reach out to. Sometimes a session or two with a professional will give you perspective on issues you are dealing with.

Asking for help is hard, especially if you’ve been a person who prides herself on having done it alone your whole life. I get it, I am one of those people too. What I realized is that asking for help is an act shows I am willing to be heard. I am willing to rely on others. I am worthy of receiving help, and so are you.