Summer always brings up fond memories of years past. Childhoods eating ice cream, pool days, road trips to a memorable places. All of those things are so healing for us.

This summer I spent most of it doing some deep, inner healing work. I didn’t intend for this to be an action-packed summer of healing. I was being gently guided to various things throughout the year, which culminated in July being an action-packed month of healing.

All of us are carrying around so much baggage. This baggage is old trauma, hurt, anger, shame, and regrets. Even the baggage you thought you’ve cleared up years ago may still be lingering around in your energy field. There are the situations that have always bothered you: the people who always rubbed you the wrong way, that heated conversation that you still replay in your head, the buried guilt and shame that hold you back. All of those emotions and traumas stay with you until you are ready to let them go.

This was the summer I was ready to let it all go. And it happened. I cried lots of tears to process old wounds. There was resolution and forgiveness with those that have deeply hurt me. There was recognition that I am a warrior, and I matter. I am worthy of all the good that I have in my life. I have so much work to do in this lifetime. I am needed; we all are.

I could go into a lot of specifics about the workshops I attended and what was being done, but that part doesn’t matter so much. What mattered is that I showed up for myself.

You don’t need to be gone for a month to show up for yourself. Take some time today to show yourself that YOU matter. Take 20 minutes to meditate. Take that walk you’ve been telling yourself you’ll take. Play hooky for an afternoon and see a movie. Schedule 15 minutes to have a good cry. All of these things will help you clear out some old emotions so you can start your own healing journey. So…close your laptop and do something now. You matter.