Most Mother’s Days we wait for our accolades, whether it is waiting in bed for pancakes, waiting for phone calls or visits from loved ones to say one thing:  Happy Mother’s Day.

I have come to realize that I didn’t choose my beautiful boys; they chose me.  Before they came to this planet, they were looking for the perfect mom for them to have just the right experience in this lifetime.  They wanted the right mom to mold their first experiences – someone who they will remember the rest of their lives, for better or worse.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my sons instead of waiting for them to thank me.

I want them to both know how lucky I am they chose me.  I want them to know how grateful I am to them that I get to experience love.  Profound Love.  Love that breaks a person wide open to The Divine.  Love that may break my heart open into a billion pieces but makes me more whole than I have ever been.

I am grateful to them for allowing me to make mistakes and to be easily forgiven.  I am grateful I get to grow up next to them having so many rich experiences through their eyes.

Thank you for teaching me your secret handshakes.  Thank you for letting me give you hugs, snuggles, and kisses.  Thank you for giving me so many chances to play and laugh and experience the wonder of seeing your senses of humor blossom.

I am so grateful you entrusted me to help you grow into the adults the world needs now.  I am so honored and humbled that I get to be your Mama.  On this Mother’s Day, I honor both of you, and I love you both so very much!