• Guidance for Business and Life
    Jen Moser | The Prosperity Sage

“Jen has such valuable, broad experience that she applies every day to her passion of helping people in their specific situations: whether it’s improving their quality of life at home or making business owners successful.”

— Jerry F.

Business Consulting

A business consulting session helps you focus ideas into an action-based plan. Financial consulting answers your pressing finance questions and helps you create and manage a budget. All sessions include coaching around the emotions bound to arise during the process.

Life Coaching

Sometimes there is so much happening you don’t know where to begin. Let’s figure it out together. This is hour-long session is for all ages and will include techniques tailored to your specific needs. 

Energy Healing

An energy healing session includes using various healing modalities depending on what you need at the time. This may include a mix of Life Force Energy Healing and shamanic techniques to clear, charge and balance your energy field.

Summer Healing

Summer always brings up fond memories of years past. Childhoods eating ice cream, pool days, road trips to a memorable places. All of those things are so healing for us. This summer I spent most of it doing some deep, inner healing … Read More


After a couple of months of shoulder issues, my chiropractor blessed me and told me to find a massage therapist to work with me, as this was now deemed, “a muscular issue.” He referred me to someone, and I made … Read More

Thank You for Choosing Me

Most Mother’s Days we wait for our accolades, whether it is waiting in bed for pancakes, waiting for phone calls or visits from loved ones to say one thing:  Happy Mother’s Day. I have come to realize that I didn’t … Read More