• Guidance for Business and Life
    Jen Moser | The Prosperity Sage

“Jen is a rare and gifted healer. Her warmth enveloped me the moment I met her. She also offers practical, easy to follow advice and guidance. Jen’s work is very intuitive and clearly divinely guided, and I feel immediately lifted after my sessions with her! I feel so blessed to have found her!”

— Christy D.

Energy Healing

An energy healing sessions includes using various healing modalities depending on what you need at the time. I work primarily with the modality called Biofield Tuning, but I may also use other techniques to clear, charge and balance your energy field.

Personal Finance Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed with money issues? Are you trying to save for a big goal and not finding a way to manage? Sometimes what’s holding you back is not dollars and cents, but rather the emotions and limiting beliefs around money.

Business Consulting

A business consulting session helps you focus ideas into an action-based plan. Financial consulting answers your pressing finance questions and helps you create and manage a budget. All sessions include coaching around the emotions bound to arise during the process.

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Shadow(work)

As we come into the holidays, everyone is trying to be merry and festive. That’s great! Enjoy the time with family and friends. However, as we come upon the Winter Solstice, this has traditionally been a time of inner reflection before the light … Read More

Be the Observer for the Holidays

The holidays mean different things to different people. Most love the traditions and time spent with loved ones. Others cringe and wonder how they will make it through. Either way, you will survive! I had a wise teacher once tell me to, “become … Read More

Summer Healing

Summer always brings up fond memories of years past. Childhoods eating ice cream, pool days, road trips to a memorable places. All of those things are so healing for us. This summer I spent most of it doing some deep, inner healing … Read More